Support Ukraine 🇺🇦

Support Ukraine 🇺🇦

Do the right thing – make the difference by joining our efforts to spread the word about how to help Ukraine and its citizens

All for peace

This is a non-commercial undertaking by Growee. Growee brand won't be used or promoted in the materials we provide – we do it strictly to help. If you want to promote Growee – we'll be back to it after we provide all the support needed in current situation. All Growee media activities are withheld until further notice.

Do the right thing right

Your followers need advice from the people they can trust – you. We will give you proven, expert info. on: 1. which media to follow and how to stay physically and psychologically safe 2. how to support Ukrainians materially – with cash or gifts – in the safe and non-scam way 3. how to access the Growee studio to record your materials about situation on Ukraine 4. what to do if Poland gets attacked to stay safe

Do it for your loved ones

During the webinar we will provide expert advice on what to do if Poland gets attacked.

Register for live express webinar

Let’s connect for a short, 30 minute webinar where we’ll give you expert advice on how to support Ukrainians via your