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Get ripped and save the world!

We bring you the first training app that plants trees for the progress you make

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Get in shape – heroically!

Growee uses scientifically proven, data-driven methods to plan your training. Then it assists you in your training and regeneration. As you achieve your goals we will plant trees for the progress you make. Let's get yourself and our planet in shape!

Best-in-class training plan

We use scientifically proven, test-driven and data-based muscle building plans to get you in shape. It works like a charm.

Your in-app personal trainer

Our app counts repetitions for you, checks if you do them right and keeps time during breaks. Your AI coach. Wow, right?

World-saving exercise

Earn points for the progress you make and spend them to plant real-ass, oxygen-churning trees. You're a hero now!

do it for yourself

Get in the best shape

No more undoable trainings that don't bring results. We adapt your exercise plan to your capabilities and use science to make sure that it will get you in the best shape ever – physically and mentally
do it for the world

Shape better tomorrow

Stay motivated knowing that with every training day you accomplish, you help in planting real trees and aerating the world!
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We make being in shape achievable

Yes, you can get in shape. And it doesn't need to hurt. We will work smart and hard to get you there. Here's what we'll do and how we'll do it.

Sexy abs

Abdomen muscles are largely responsible for the silhouette that you have. We'll shape and strengthen them!

Strong chest & arms

For gals and guys alike, shaping up those upper body parts smoothens your figure and gives everyday movement comfort.

Perfect ass

Proportion in size between ass, abs and chest is what distincts those seen as fit from the rest. That's what we'll work out here as well.

Stay motivated

Regular testing will show you real progress and seeing pictures of those trees you've planted will make you want more!

Get rested

Fun fact: muscles don't grow when you exercise, they do when you rest. That's why we'll keep you as well-rested as possible during your exercises to boost your results.

Train smart

Laying flat on your chest can be considered a really bad push up, right? To make the best use of your time we'll help you exercise effectively with our AI assistant.

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Growee – the training app

The last training app you'll ever need

Our methods helped over 30,000 people get in shape and now we've packaged them into the tree-planting, virtually assisted and smart sensor based app that counts repetitions for you and plans your trainings!


We are crowdfunded and loving it!

All of our efforts are funded by a robust community of great people who want to make a difference. We have finished first 3 rounds of our effort. We have a working alpha version of the application and in the last round we will be gathering funds for the first Google Play Store ready version of the app. Stay tuned and see you on Kickstarter.

We like you! Let's keep in touch so we can let you know when our Kickstarter launches